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6 Cr Prize Summer Bumper Lottery BR- 72 Result 31.3.2020 Winner List


6 Cr Prize Summer Bumper Lottery BR- 72 Result 31.3.2020 Winner List: Kerala State lottery announced for the another Bumper Lottery which is coming in March month of 2020 at 31 Mar 2020. Kerala State organises various types of lottery in a year and makes people rich. 1st Prize winner takes around 5-6 Crore in every Bumper Lottery. Summer Bumper Lottery 1st Winner will take 6 Crore rupees of money to the home. Imagine 6 crore rupees is too much for somebody. You can buy a big house, big car. Your entire life will change with this kind of amount.

Kerala Summer lottery
Kerala Summer lottery

Kerala State Government conducts these types of Bumper Lottery for the people who want to get rich through simply buy a lottery ticket of 200 rs. You can buy the ticket from any General store near your home and make yourself rich. Just imagine guys only 200 Rs can make you super-rich. There are other prizes as well as like 2nd prize winner will get 25 Lakhs rupees and 3rd winner will take 5 lakh, 4th winner will take 1 lakh, 5th winner 5000 rupees, 6th winner 2000, 7 winners 1000.

Result of Kerala Lottery Summer Bumper Lottery BR 72 Result 31.3.2020 Prize Structure

  • 1st Prize 6 Crores there will be one winner only,
  • Consolation Prize 1 Lakh there will be 4 winners,
  • 2nd Prize is 25 Lakhs There will be 5 winners,
  • 3rd Prize is 5 Lakhs there will be 10 Winners,
  • 4th Prize is 5 Lakhs there will be 45 Winners,
  • 5th Prize is 5 Thousand there will be 11250 Winners,
  • 6th Prize is 2 Thousand there will be 15750 Winners,
  • 7th Prize is 1 thousand there will be 29250 Winners,
  • 8th Prize is 500 Rs there will be 54000 Winners.

Why Kerala Bumper State Lottery has Started?

How to Check Result of Summer Bumper Lottery BR-72?

Kerala lottery is organising Summer Bumper Lottery on 31 Mar 2020, the first winner will win the 6 crore rupees prize and the ticket prize of Summer Bumper lottery is 200 rupees. Lots of people are waiting for the result of this lottery and people are confused about where to check the result of Summer Bumper Lottery BR 72. There is tons of website which claim that they have the authentic result of Kerala Next Bumper Lottery but they only publish the result after releasing the lottery announcement. We are using the world-class server for the lottery and we will update the result every second, What you have to do that keep refresh the web page and you will get continuously result directly to your mobile or pc.

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