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Dear Diwali bumper lottery 2019, Sikkim State Puja bumper lottery results


Dear Diwali bumper lottery 2019, Sikkim state Puja bumper lottery results: -The most awaited festival of India is Diwali, and it brings a lot of offers with it. Lotteries also come in abundance during this time of the year. Sikkim State Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery is one of the many. There is significant hype about this lottery among the crowd about this lottery. If you have luck on your side then you can win the bumper prize of Rs 10 crore. That is a lot of money to change your life around. 

Dear Diwali bumper lottery 2019

Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery is brought to us by Sikkim State Lottery. The tickets to this Diwali Bumper lottery are limited to 2 lakh only. The demand for these lotteries is on the rise as everyone tries to purchase multiple lottery tickets to maximize their chances of winning the lottery. 

This is a 2 series lottery, which means it will have 1 lakh lotteries for each series. 

Anyone from India can buy the lottery tickets and they will be delivered to them by paying a nominal posting charge over the ticket’s price. The MRP of this ticket is Rs 2000. You should always buy tickets from authorized retailers only to prevent fraud. There are many payment options right now so you can order tickets from the ease of your home. 

Sikkim State Puja bumper lottery results

Now, the part you were all waiting for. The Diwali lotteries or any festival based lottery has great prizes that can change the life upside down. Here is the prize distribution for Dear Diwali Bumper Lottery:

First Prize –Rs 10 Crore for 1 winner.

Second Prize –Rs 10 Lakhs for 10 winners.

These are guaranteed prizes for the public. There will be many more exciting prizes. 

Sikkim state Dear Diwali Bumper lottery results

The result of this lottery has not been released yet. The draw is scheduled for 2 November 2019. As soon as the results are out, we will update the results on our website. We believe in delivering information as soon as possible.

Live kerla lottery

Sikkim State Lottery is quite popular among lottery players. Apart from its festival lotteries like Diwali Bumper, there are monthly lotteries and other occasional lotteries as well. All of them have significant prizes and you can check out your luck on most of them. One such lottery is Sikkim State Lotteries Dear 20 Monthly Lottery. They have a good enough amount of prize but not as big as Diwali bumpers. Keep tuned for more results and information on other lotteries. 


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