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Nebraska (NE) Lottery Results


Nebraska (NE) Lottery ResultsEstablished in the year 1993, it is run by the government of Nebraska and is also a charter member of MUSL (Multi-state Lottery Association). Generally in the US, Player has to be either 18 or 21 years in age in order to buy the lottery tickets while minimum age to purchase the Nebraska Lottery ticket is of 19 years. Also, Nebraska Lottery games are drawn by a random number generator also known as RNG. This is used for every game except for Powerball and Mega millions which are respectively drawn in Tallahassee and Atlanta respectively.


Game Result Jackpot Next Jackpot


Sat, Sep 08, 2018
$114,000,000 $132,000,000 Tue, Sep 12, 2018

Mega Millions

Sat, Sep 07, 2018
⑧⑩㊶PB 54 68
$187,000,000 $207,000,000 Tue, Sep 11, 2018

Lucky For Life

Thu, Sep 06, 2018 ⑭㉗㉙㊱㊴Lucky Ball $1,000 $1000 Mon, Sep 10, 2018


Sat, Sep 08, 2018
Red: (9, 18), White: (5, 25)
$22,000 $22,000
Sun, Sep 09, 2018

Pick 5

Thu, Oct 04, 2018
$500 $500
Fri, Oct 06, 2018


Thu, Oct 04, 2018
$500 $500
Fri, Oct 06, 2018

Pick 3

Thu, Oct 04, 2018
$500 $500
Fri, Oct 06, 2018


Games offered:

It includes Multi-state games like:

  • 2 by 2
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • Lucky for Life

While In-house games offered by Nebraska Lottery are:

  • Pick 3
  • My Day
  • Nebraska Pick 5

Nebraska Lottery Mobile Application:

It is also available in the form of mobile application so as to provide below benefits to the players:

  • Get the Jackpot and ticket information in few minutes
  • Scratch game features which are now made more interactive
  • New Jackpot alerts available for Powerball and Mega Millions
  • Let one find the location of Nearby Lottery retailers

What are the benefits of being a retailer?

  • Customer footfall can be increased by adding products which require minimal start up cost
  • Free point of sale is provided
  • Lottery sale support available all the time to provide and assist you on your account
  • 5% of commission of Scratch tickets
  • 5% commission on Lotto tickets
  • 1% as Scratch validation bonus
  • 1% as Merchandise commission
  • 1% as High Seller prize bonus

How to claim the prize?

It is advised to first sign the winning ticket on the back so as to establish the ownership.

  1. Prizes up to $500- Can be claimed at any nearby Nebraska Lottery retailer
  2. Prize amount between $501 and $19,999 can be claimed either by mail or at any Lottery Claim Center

Lottery Center details:

Grand Island, Nebraska State Fair Office, 501 E. Fonner Park Rd, Suite 200,


Hours: 8:30 a.m. – noon, 1 p.m – 4:30 p.m


If you are planning to claim the prize by mail, then ticket along with claim form has to be submitted at the below address:

Nebraska Lottery Prize Claim

P.O. Box 95145

Lincoln, NE 68509-5145

How the money is distributed?

According to the Amendment 2004, 44.5% of the proceeds go to the public education sector, 10% towards the State’s fair, 1% towards the Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Funds.

Benefits of being an MVP Club Member:

Members get special information about the new games, promotions, contests etc. It also lets one win Nebraska tickets, prizes, merchandise etc. Other perks include:

  • Free online games
  • Email alerts for all the new games and contests
  • Let one check their tickets and Manager the games online
  • Few contests which are only applicable to the club members
  • A free game coupon which is provided only when you have joined as the member of MVP Club



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