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Live: Nirmal Lottery NR 138 Results 13-09-2019 Kerala Lottery Result Today


Live: Nirmal Lottery NR 138 Results 13-09-2019 Kerala Lottery Result Today:-The Nirmal Lottery is a weekly lottery conducted by the Kerala Government every Friday. Initially, it was drawn twice a month along with the weekly lottery- Bhagyanidhi, but since the lottery didn’t go well, the state government reduced the price of the ticket. Later, Bhagyanidhi was taken back and Nirmal lottery was introduced as a weekly lottery in its place.


Nirmal Lottery Today

The MRP of a single ticket is only INR 30 and it provides a whopping sum of INR 60 lakh as the first prize. The second prize offered under this lottery system is of INR 5 lakh and third prize is worth INR 1,00,000. Other prizes fall under the slabs of Rs. 5000, Rs.2000, Rs.1000, Rs.500 and Rs.100 .

Nirmal NR 138 Lottery Result of Kerala state lotteries weekly draw held on the 13 September, Friday and this result is all set to announce at the evening time at 4 pm. The Kerala Lottery live Result is regarded as the Nirmal Lottery NR 138 will be declared with all important details which include,  the lottery winner numbers, Nirmal lottery first prize winner, second prize, third prize fourth prize fifth prize are listed on this website.

Those who buy the Kerala Govt Lottery, 138 13 Spt 2019 Nirmal NR 138 Lottery can check their Official Nirmal lottery result today on the official media portal of the Kerala lottery.

Nirmal Lottery NR 138 th is touted as one of the most awaited and anticipated the result of the year in the whole Kerala. This one is the state lottery.

About tickets

A total of 1 crore 8 lakh tickets are printed in 41zxcdthe series of 12. The tickets are printed with numbers starting from 100,000, each bearing an alphabetic code. The numbers are preceded by a code consisting of two alphabets, of which the first letter represents the name of the lottery scheme and the second letter represents the series.
For example, in a ticket bearing the No. NB-123456, the letter N – represents Nirmal and B – represents the series.

General information about Nirmal Lottery:-

  • The total amount of money to be distributed as a prize is Rs. 15,01,32,000/-
  • The maximum number of tickets is 1.8 crore.
  • The maximum number of a ticket in each series is 9 lakh.
  • The draw is conducted at 3:00 PM every day at Sree Chithira Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram.

Nirmal Lottery Result NR 138


1st Prize
Rs :6,000,000/- 
NE 298494


Consolation Prize


NA 298494  NB 298494
NC 298494  ND 298494
NF 298494  NG 298494
NH 298494  NJ 298494
NK 298494  NL 298494  NM 298494


2nd Prize


NC 400844


3rd Prize


NA 416212
NB 228849

NC 886855

ND 294341

NE 586585

NF 824627

NG 190651

NH 258719
NJ 178494

NK 618490
NL 450660

NM 909415


4th Prize

0788  1252  1462  3050  4218  6101  7154  7725  7752  8950  9309  9915

5th Prize

0082  0360  0609  1406  1519  2019  2332  2354  2516  2900  2982  3340  3344  3371  3453  3642  3750  4100  4572  5144  5764  5965  6411  6479  6613  6992  7061  7289  8091  8980  9800

6th Prize
0052  0079  0178  0242  0313  0370  0639  0731  0984  1468  1691  1856  1927  2245  2367  2570  2738  3223  3421  3503  4051  4375  4532  4730  4927  5000  5063  5308  5368  5418  5478  6120  6271  6384  6522  6536  6856  6873  6967  7124  7134  7278  7326  7512  7714  7809  7832  7843  7863  8162  8505  8699  8841  9080  9385  9410  9514  9628  9668  9686


7th Prize


7087 2435 0615 2713 4548 5343 4148 2754 9964 8216 2508 9615 6966 7466 7334 8156 6474 1543 0409 5596 7745 4819 4198 9369 7168 7295 9562 8429 1471 9158 5907 7499 7765 5443 5259 Result loading please wait…

Nirmal Lottery Result

The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

Nirmal Lottery NR 138 Results will be declared on 9th August and Kerala lottery results of Nirmal series draw number nr 138 draw results, results are published by Kerala Lottery department of Kerala Government through their official Medium.

Nirmal Lottery NR 138 is named after the nr 138 Lottery results will be declared today. The result of Today’s Lottery on 9th August 2019 (Velli) will be published on this afternoon.

People need to refresh this Nirmal Lottery NR 138 Results page 06-09-2019 page to view updated results of Nirmal Lottery.

The Lottery ticket price of Nirmal Lottery NR 138 is now only 30 Rs and you can buy tickets from any lottery selling people and keralalotteryresult.org.in publishes result 100% on right with accuracy.

You can view or download result at 4 pm, and check whether the number got the prize or not.

Steps to be followed for checking Kerala Nirmal NR 138 Lottery Result Online:

Check Nirmal Kerala Bagyakuri NR 138 Result:

  • Once if you landed at the Kerala Nirmal NR 138 Lottery Result notification page, please make sure that the notification sounds like the live streaming update on the same day as mentioned.
  • Kindly Check the Date of NR 135 and Draw updated are similar to the Lottery ticket you were holding.
  • Make sure that 8 Prizes and Consolation number updated any of the 4 or 6 digits winning updates.
  • If you are unlucky, you can follow up the tomorrow’s draw of Karunya or please seek the agencies with the winning lottery ticket.

Friday is an important day of the week where the lucky lottery sitting tight for at your Wallet which will be giving 70 lakhs.

The fact is that 70 lakhs are the luckiest prize money for the First Member who holds the fortunate draw for NR 138 number.

The more data in view of NR 138 Lottery Results will be, come and see on this Friday.

Now Stay tuned for the outcome of Kerala Lottery Results: 13.09.2019 Live Nirmal Lottery NR 138 Results 06-09-2019 Kerala Lottery Result Today Nirmal Lottery NR 138.

People need to read the point by point notice made by Kerala state Government concerning Kerala lottery at the rear of each ticket Nirmal Lottery.


The results will be published in all leading dailies, the very next day after the draw. Results can be had from agents also. The same will be available over the net at lotto.dekhnews.com.

Terms and conditions of Nirmal Lottery:-

  1. An amount equal to 10% of prize money will be deducted from Ist and 2nd prizes and given as agents commission on a prize to the agents concerned.
  2. The prize winners shall prefer their claims within 30 days from the date of draw.
  3. First and second prize-winning tickets should be surrendered to the Director of State Lotteries in person or by insured registered post or through Nationalised/ Scheduled Banks/ State or District Co-operative Banks supported with necessary documents.
  4. Claims on mutilated or tampered tickets will be rejected outright.
  5. One ticket can win only the highest prize awarded on it.

Details of tax levied:-

As of now, the prevailing rate is 30% which is deducted from all the prize-winning claims exceeding the amount of INR 10,000. While for the agents, 10% of the amount is deducted. By and by no extra charge or instructive cess is deducted according to the Income Tax rules.


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