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Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery 2020


Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery 29.02.2020 Live Result 3 Crore: Punjab State Government has announced Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery 2020 which is going to come on 29 Feb 2020. The lottery was supposed to launch on 12 March 2020 but due to Government decision, it is moved to 29 Feb 2020. Punjab State Lotteries was established in the year 1986 by the Finance Department of Punjab Government. The headquarter of Punjab lotteries is situated in Chandigarh. VIT- TE- YOJNA BHAWAN Plot No 2, Sector 33-A, Chandigarh, 160020. For any clarification or error in the lottery will be directly handled by that particular office. It is a Government institution only made for the lottery.

Punjab Holi Bumper Lottery Results

Punjab State Lottery board always has something to fourfold the celebration of the festival. At the starting of the year the state organizes Punjab New Year and Punjab New Year Lohri Bumper Lottery both offer the sky-high winning prize to its winners. Now, the state is back with Punjab Holi Bumper Lottery to make this Holi celebration grand with its another highly beneficial scheme.


Why Punjab State Lottery has started?

These Bumper State Lotteries are considered as the biggest cash flow of the state that provides immensely high winning prizes to the winners which helps them to upgrade their living standard. As the people of the state getting smarter and aware of the lottery scheme they also take complete advantage of the lottery without missing any opportunity of becoming rich.


When Punjab State Holi Bumper lottery 2020 Result will come?

So, as we mentioned many times above Punjab State is going to disclose the result of Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery draw held on the upcoming Holi Festival. The tickets for the Holi Bumper Lottery are available at the authorized offline and online dealer. A single ticket for Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery costs you ₹500. Holi Bumper Lottery selling only limited tickets so, hurry up and collect as many tickets as you can it will make your winning chance stronger in the biggest cash flow.

Does Punjab State lottery is Legal in India?

The answer is yes, Punjab State lottery as been made for the stop illegal trading in satta and matka market. Government has tried to stop illegal lotteries by issuing their own lottery which is working very well. Punjab State Lottery using IT Infrastructure to promote their lottery and they publish lottery result on their website.

Where to buy Punjab Holi Bumper lottery Ticket 2020?

Holi Bumper lottery tickets are available online on lots of websites, you can buy online. Before buying online tickets please make sure that the dealer should be registered with Punjab State Govt.

Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery Prize Structure

First Prize is 1.5 Crore which will be distributed in 2 people, that means 2 people will become the 1 Prize winner. 3 Crore is Prize amount of 1st winner and this is Guaranteed by the Government itself, the dealer or any broker can’t deny the winning prize. You can claim the prize amount from the Govt website.

Punjab Holi Bumper Lottery is offering a prize category consist of a total of 6 prizes. The Holi Bumper Lottery is offering a first whopping prize of ₹3 crores. The second and third winners of the lottery will be rewarded with ₹1 crore and ₹1Lakh. The fourth and fifth winners of the lottery will be garnered ₹20,000 and ₹2,000. The sixth winner of the lottery will be pleased with ₹500 respectively.Punjab Holi Bumper lottery 2020 Result
First Winning Prize: ₹3 crores
Second Winning Prize: ₹1 crore
Third Winning Prize: ₹1 Lakhs
Fourth Winning Prize: ₹20,000/-
Fifth Winning Prize: ₹2,000/-
Sixth Winning Prize: ₹500/-

Holi Bumper Results 2020
Rank Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Rs)
1st 2 1.5 crore
2nd 5 10 Lakh
3rd 20 2.5 Lakh
4th 40 50,000
5th 40 20,000
6th 200 5,000
7th 4,000 1,000
8th 100,000 200

Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery Predictions

Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery 2020
2019 Winner list

The last year 2019 the most numbers were starting from 4, there is a possibility that this year the ticket which is starting from 4 no. will be the winner. It is the only prediction


Live Result of Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery 2020

The result will keep update in every second, you have to refresh the link again and again by clicking on this image.

All the involved article who want to check a hassle-free and authentic result you can check the result here at Dekh News, Dekh News is considered as one of the reliable websites in terms of result checking. This is a one-stop destination for all the lottery results and updates. So, hustle up and bookmark our website for trustworthy results.

You can check the Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery Results here. Match your lucky lottery ticket digits carefully.

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How many Bumper lottery Punjab State organise?

There are a total of six schemes that are withdrawn within a year. These seven bumper Lotteries include New Year Bumper Lottery, New Year Lohri Lottery, Holi Bumper Lottery, Baisakhi Bumper Lottery, Sawan Bumper Lottery, Rakhi Bumper Lottery, and Diwali Pooja Bumper Lottery. All these lotteries give that to the citizen to upgrade their living standards with the winning prize. We suggest all the winners of the lottery submit your lottery tickets along with the receipt and proof to the lottery office at Camp Office, Ludhiana. So, focus on your goals, live a prosperous life with the right investments. Follow Dekh News for the latest result and updates related to Punjab State Holi Bumper Lottery.



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