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Live: Punjab Rakhi Bumper Lottery Result 20-08-2020 | Punjab Rakhi Bumper Lottery


Today we are going to talk about the Rakhi Bumper Lottery of Punjab state. So, here is good news for all the aspirants. Rakhi Bumper lottery is available for sale so the participants who like to purchase the ticket and want to try their fate they can try. We will tell you soon where you can get the tickets and what will be the winning amount and the dates, so be in this article till the end because after this you will be able to check your fate and get a chance to be rich.

Rakhi Bumper Lottery

Here is a chance to get the title of a rich man and fulfill all of your dreams by purchasing the ticket to this lottery. The Rakhi bumper lottery 2020 is available for purchasing, so what are you waiting for go and grab the opportunity as soon as possible and get a chance to make a small fortune. Well, there are two series of this which are A and B. Take a breath before reading the next line because you must feel over the moon after knowing the prize amount.

What is Rakhi Bumper Lottery

As we all know that this is the bumper lottery and as per the name of the lottery you can take an estimate of the prize but you might take an estimate of the prize amount because as the name of this lottery is bumper the prize is more expensive than the name. Punjab state lottery is one of the best lottery schemes in India. No doubts that this is the reason behind its popularity. The Prize Money must be delivered to your postal code because this is on the trust of Punjab state and Punjab government.

Rakhi Bumper Lottery Result Updates

Note: Check the New result of Rakhi Bumper lottery Result after Every Refresh & If you can’t see then wait some seconds for new updates.


Rakhi Bumper Lottery Prize Amounts

  • 1st prize of Rs 5.78 Crores
  • 2nd prize (5) of Rs 10 Lakhs.
  • 3rd prize (20) of Rs 2.50 lakh
  • 4th prize (20) of Rs 50,000
  • 5th prize (20) of Rs 20,000
  • 6th prize (400) of Rs 5,000
  • 7th prize (4400) of Rs 1000
  • 8th prize (100000) of Rs 250

Punjab Rakhi bumper lottery is a scheme of Punjab state lotteries and Punjab lottery is famous for there fair draws. You can buy the tickets very easily because the MRP of the Lottery is just 250 and will be drawn on 20-8-2020.

One more happy thing about the lottery, that is not only the residents of Punjab Rather but also a person from any state can also take advantage of this opportunity. so what are you waiting for booking your tickets as soon as possible, you will get a tracking number through your email so that you can track your ticket’s status.

How To Check Punjab Result Bumper Lottery

If you don’t know about the procedure of checking and tracking so don’t be worried about that. because the number you will get you can track that by searching on the official website of Punjab State Lottery. Stay tuned with us, we will let you know the results as soon as it announced.


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