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Live: Win Win Lottery W 548 Results 20-01-2020 Kerala Lottery Result Today


Live: Win Win Lottery W 548 Results 20-01-2019 Kerala Lottery Result Today- Win-Win lottery is published every Monday by Kerala Lottery department at Sree Chithira home auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. Every Monday, draw starts at 3:00PM in the afternoon followed by results at 4:00PM. A single ticket is offered at the price of INR 20 and there are more than 1 crore 8 lakhs ticket printed with 01 number series. Earlier the amount of 40 lakh was distributed to the 1st winner which has been further increased to 65 lakh.Kerala State lottery Bumper result

Win Win Lottery Today

The Live Win Win W 548 Kerala Lottery Results is all set to Janlare on this 20 Jan and the result is all set to Janlare on the official media portal of the Kerala lottery. Today the result which is all set to come out is known as Win W 548 Lottery Result and on Janember the series of lottery Ticket Results Updates will be going out now. 

Details about Win-Win Lottery

As we have mentioned above, it is offered in 01 series starting from W – WA, WB, WC, WD, WE, WF, WG, WJ, WK, WL and WM. Maximum numbers of tickets printed in a series are 9 lakh and a maximum number of tickets would be 108 lakh.

Probability of winning a lottery

Just like other lottery tickets offered by Kerala government, even in win-win lottery top slab prizes are only drawn through the sold tickets. On an average, the chance of winning is 1 out of 56 tickets with chances further reduced to 1 out of 1,08,00,000 if you are aiming for first prize.

First, to third prizes are assured and will be drawn in full while remaining lower prize slab i.e 4th to 8th depends on the sale of the tickets.

The today Kerala lottery name is Win-Win W 548 Lottery Result which is blessed with the Lucky No. WC 483424 and this had been granted the previous draw of Win Bagyakuri W 548 from Kottayam area. 

This is the first-week lottery of the state Kerala and Win Win W 548 Lottery Result is the first week Janember result.

Post the draw of the Win-Win W 548 Lottery Result people need to refresh the page to see the W548 Kerala Lottery. The 65 Lakhs of Draw will it again for Kottayam or some other lottery?

The Results are being refreshed and it will get reflected in the official media portal of the Kerala lottery after 4:00 PM. Win-Win Lottery Result Today. People need to keep this in mind that the main goal of the Kerala lottery is to be associated with the present Win W 548 draw for Kerala Lotteries. People need to be assured of this that the draw for Kerala Bagyakuri winning date is all set to out today in series. 

Follow Steps to Check Win Win W548 Lottery Result 20.01.2019:

Check out Notification on Win Win W548 Lottery Result for the draw on 20 Jan 2019: Check on the official media portal of the Kerala Lottery Result W548.

Read the notification importance in checking the draw.

If you win the draw for Win-Win W548 Kerala Lottery, Please drop your necessities in the comment box before seeking the dealers out there.

Win-Win Lottery Result

On every Monday Win Win Lottery Results updates and those who purchased this lottery obviously going to see their result of this lottery.The Win-Win bagyakuri draw for Kerala state lotteries and people actually buy this Win-Win Ticket at Rs. 00

The First Prize Rs. 65 Lakhs for Win-Win Kerala Lottery and it will be Janlared a single winner, whereas the other 8 draws including consolation prize will going to have more than 2 or 3 winners.This is touted as the 01 series of Win-Win W548 Kerala Lottery.

Prize distribution:

The winner was awarded the prize of INR 65,00,000 to a single ticket which will be common in all the tickets of 01 series. Amount of 2 lakh is given as the award money to the individual holding the second position.

While 1lakh amount is given as a third prize to 12 ticket holders one from each of the 01 series. Furthermore, lower prizes are distributed in the slab of 5000, 2000, 1000, 500 and 100. Consolation amount of 10,000 is rewarded to 11 individuals having ticket number same as that of winning ticket but having different series.

Final Verdict:

The official Winning Numbers of Win-Win bagyakuri Numbers +will be given notifications to the public who are looking for the result of this Win-Win lottery.And don’t forget to download the Kerala lottery app only to see the Win-Win W548 Lottery ticket results, and in the app, you will also get notifications of the same.

Win Win lottery Result W 548

Download Kerala Lottery result in PDF
Download Kerala Lottery result in PDF
Download Kerala State Lotteries Result
Download Kerala State Lotteries Result


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  1. This was great information, I am also into the lottery. I want to try my luck and see if I can win so that I and my family could overcome our poverty. I usually go by Kerala Lottery few times now, still no luck but I am not losing hope.


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