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California (CA) Lottery Results


California (CA) Lottery Results, Play Online Lotto: – This Lottery was first created on 6th November 1984 when 58% of the voter provided their consent in a ballot measure. This Lottery works with a mission to provide supplemental funding to the schools and colleges. Initially, under the Lottery Act, 34% of the commission goes to the public schools and colleges as the funding while only 16% was retained as the administrative expenses. But after the bills which have been passed by the legislation, funding formula has been changed. This new funding formula enables the Lotteries throughout the nation to increase their sales and hence in turns help their beneficiaries.


California Lottery Results

New AB 142 enables the lotteries to limit administrative expenses to 13%, hence in turn, 87% of the amount now goes to the public in the form of prizes and contribution towards the education sector. This new law has helped the lotteries to contribute more towards public and society.

Current draw games:

  1. Daily 3
  2. Daily 4
  3. Daily Derby
  4. Fantasy 5
  5. Super Lott Plus
  6. Hot Spot
  7. Mega Millions
  8. Powerball
Game Result Jackpot Next Jackpot


Sat, Sep 08, 2018
$114,000,000 $132,000,000 Tue, Sep 12, 2018

Mega Millions

Sat, Sep 07, 2018
⑧⑩㊶PB 54 68
$187,000,000 $207,000,000 Tue, Sep 11, 2018

Daily 3

Tue, Sep 11, 2018 ④⑨③ Updating Soon Wed, Sep 12, 2018

Daily 4

Tue, Sep 11, 2018 ②⑤⑧⑧ Updating Soon Wed, Sep 12, 2018

Daily Derby

Tue, Sep 11, 2018 11st: 10 Solid-Gold, 2nd: 2-Lucky Star, 3rd: 1-Gold Rush, Race Time: 1: 48.1 $66,000 $69,000 Wed, Sep 12, 2018

Fantasy 5

Tue, Sep 11, 2018 ⑨⑭㉚㉛㊲ $163,000 $283,000 Wed, Sep 12, 2018

Midday 3

Tue, Sep 11, 2018 ⑤①① Updating Soon Wed, Sep 12, 2018

Super Lotto PLUS

Sat, Sep 08, 2018
$30,000,000 $31,000,000 Wed, Sep 12, 2018

How to claim the Lottery:

For prize, less than $600 can be collected via Lottery retailer while more must be collected via Lottery after filling the claim form.

  1. What is the claim period:

All the prizes has to be claimed within 180 days, if in case 180th day is falling either on a holiday or on a weekend, then in such case claim date is extended to next working day. Any unclaimed prize is forward to the education fund apart from the 34% of the amount which is kept aside.

  1. How Lottery funds are distributed?

Proceeds from California lottery is distributed from Kindergarten through higher education. Their distribution is mentioned below:

K-12th Grade — 76.71%

Community Colleges — 16.22%

California State University System — 4.30%

University of California — 2.70%

Other Educational Entities — .07%

  1. How can I purchase Lottery?

It is sold at retailers available in California. California lottery does not sell their tickets online

  1. What to do in case I have lost my ticket or it is damaged?

In such case you may reach out to their customer help line number- 1-800-568-8379.

  1. What happens in case a winner dies before his/her last installment of the winning amount?

It is the winner’s property and they have their complete rights on it. In such case, winner can make a will and he may provide the nominee details in case of his/her demise. Hence winners who have won the huge amount are advised to consult their financial advisors.

  1. Will I have to pay taxes?

If the prize is for Fantasy 5, Daily Derby, Daily 3, Daily 4, and non-jackpot SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions, and Powerball prizes and amount are over $5000, then 25% or 33% depending on the winner’s documentation is levied as taxes.

California government do not tax the winnings from California lottery however if the lottery is from other jurisdiction then it would be taxed.


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